European Betting Sites

european betting sites for uk players

Millions of fans choose EU sports providers to place bets and there are many reasons why. Many different sports, a lot of bonuses, great odds, and a lot more are some of the reasons why these players love European betting sites. Now you can have the adrenaline rush on a budget.

As always, it is mandatory to choose EU sports bookmakers that are safe, fair, and offer a lot of different perks. We can help you with that. We will reveal all of the sites of this kind below and the outcome is based on actual testing, checking the features, and betting on each website. Let’s start.

List of European Online Bookmakers

  • BigWinBox Betting Site
    100% Deposit Bonus On 3 First Deposits
    • €40 Min. Deposit
    • Unlinked From GamStop
    • Multiple Welcome Promotions
  • SlotoNights Betting Site
    100% On First Deposit Up To €1000
    • Min. Deposit €40
    • Absence of GamStop Limits
    • Over 100 Game Providers
  • MyStake Betting Site
    150% Deposit Bonus Up To £1000
    • Credible Gambling Provider
    • Not Connected To GamStop
    • €20 Min. Deposit
  • Rolletto Betting Site
    250% Deposit Bonus between €20 and €1500
    • Not Linked to Gamstop
    • Top Gaming Collection
    • 20 EUR Min. Deposit
  • GoldenBet Betting Site
    100% Deposit Bonus up to £500
    • £20 Min. Deposit
    • VIP Programs For Regular Players
    • Without Connection to GamStop
  • Professor Wins Betting Site
    100% Deposit Bonus
    • €40 Min. Deposit
    • Big Slots Collection
    • Not Blocked by GamStop
  • Richy Farmer Betting Site
    100 Free Spins Bonus
    • Good Live Chat Support
    • x35 Wagering On Bonus
    • Not Integrated WIth GamStop
  • Hand of Luck Betting Site
    10 FS + 10% on 1st Deposit
    • Non GamStop Brand
    • Deposit €40 For Bonus
    • Various Payment Options
  • SlotoNauts Betting Site
    175% Deposit Bonus
    • Min. Deposit: €40
    • Top Live Providers
    • Excluded From GamStop
  • Fresh Bet Betting Site
    100% Bonus Up to £1500
    • With No GamStop Limits
    • €20 Min. Deposit
    • Live Chat Available

How Do We Rate European Betting Companies

There are thousands of EU bookmakers available online. You can place bets on all of them if you like. But, for us, this is not an option. We want to present high-quality content and share the details about the best sites in the least time. That’s why we have a set of factors. These help us find the best sites easily.

  • Support of British Sports Events
    The best European sports betting sites must offer 100% support for all kinds of sports and leagues from the United Kingdom. This means that UK players will feel at home while betting and they have the most fun.
  • Good Betting Odds
    We like sites that have average or above-average betting odds. For you, this simply means that you can bet more and win more. In the end, a lot of users want to win as much as they can so you can see how important this factor is.
  • Various Payment Options
    It is important to offer the ability to players to deposit funds using a method they like. This means that the site must support or work with a lot of different payment methods and support these for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Available For Excluded Punters
    These must be online bookmakers that are not registered with GamStop hence you can bet even if you are excluded from doing this in the UK. As you can see, this is a huge advantage and one of the most essential for a lot of different users.
  • Credible And Licensed Providers
    We will only present to you safe sites that are properly licensed, offer safety while playing and additional perks players need. Credible betting sites are a must and this is one of the most important factors here.

Top European Sports Betting Sites

Here we have one section that you are going to love. Here we will present the bookmakers that passed our testing and now they are properly ranked. Keep in mind that we have tested all of these and a lot more sites of the same type. The ones you can see below are our first choice and have been the most desirable for a long time. These are the best EU online sportsbooks.


GoldenBet Betting Site

100% Deposit Bonus up to £500

Here we have GoldenBet bookmaker. The site has been a great option for all UK players and all bettors from Europe. It is not part of self-exclusion themes, offers a lot of UK sports and at the same time it offers deals that you are going to like.

At this EU sports betting site, you can enjoy all the safety features known to players. You can even find some rare bets and use your phone to bet. You can create an account using a phone as well so there is no need to use a computer.


Rolletto Betting Site

250% Deposit Bonus between €20 and €1500

The next platform on our list is Rolletto Sportsbook and we had a great time here. All the UK sports you can imagine are here and the site will fill your account with bonus funds you can use on the sports you like most.

This has been one of the biggest sites of this kind and the one that has millions of active users. European online sportsbooks of this kind must support mobile players, offer dedicated customer support and offer additional games as well. All of that and a lot more is available on the platform so you can start enjoying these features today.


MyStake Betting Site

150% Deposit Bonus Up To £1000

If you have even visited MyStake Bookie you know how appealing this site is. The UI is great. You can place bets on UK and sports events from other countries. At the same time, you can play all sorts of games and have fun on your phone, computer, or laptop. This is known as no-limit betting.

At this European-based bookmaker, you can use multiple payment methods and you can enjoy betting with bonuses. This is essential and available here. The operator is fun to use, safe and uses all the technologies that will make sure your gambling and betting are secure.


Fresh Bet Betting Site

100% Bonus Up to £1500

We have tested FreshBet Sportsbook for a period of a couple of days. The things we found here are impressive. The betting section is one of the best and the one that has a lot of great perks, and features and offers a lot more. You can play other games as well.

The EU-licensed betting site we have here is known for safety and security. Players and UK bettors can play using any device and they have customer support that is available in a reasonable time. It is one of the leaders in the industry and one of the best platforms you can bet on right now and probably do this for a long time.


Fortune Clock Betting Site

225% Deposit Bonus + 225 FS

Fortune Clock site is available as well and we have tested it using a smartphone and a PC. Betting is fun and simple and you will need a couple of seconds to place a bet you like. You have all kinds of sports online. Some even rare sports are available here and you can enjoy them if you like.

This has been one of the most versatile European bookies due to the sports and games available. You can also claim some of the most appealing bonuses in the realm of online betting and use them on rare, popular, UK sports or something completely different.

Do you want more sites of this kind to bet on? If the answer is yes then you have the answer below. We have been testing these sites as well and we know that all of them offer safety while betting, many sports, and all UK sports as well so there are no issues when playing here. These are popular European online betting platforms:

European Bookmakers For UK Players: Pros and Cons

When it comes to European bookies we can see some pros and cons. These are unique and not commonly seen at UK sites of the same kind. If you are a new player and you want to know all, here are the things you need to keep in your mind. These pros and cons will help you understand the sites completely and see all the facts that you will experience later, once you start placing bets.

Pros Of Sports Betting Sites In Europe

Here we can see a few pros of these sites that have been very common so we can add that all of the sites will have these. The pros are impressive as you shall see right now:

  • UK Law Restrictions Do Not Apply In Europe
    These are online sportsbooks without UK licence and here we can see one interesting thing. The UK laws and regulations don’t apply so you can enjoy more freedom and place bets on more different sports.
  • Simpler Sign-Up Process
    These are a lot of no ID verification sports betting sites so you can easily create an account and place a bet on the sports events you like without having to complete annoying and complicated verification.
  • Accept Credit Card Deposits/Withdrawals
    These are sports bookies with credit card deposits and withdrawals. What this means is that you can use a credit card you have to deposit funds, bet and then withdraw the winnings. All of this is not possible at the UK sites.
  • Various Bonus Deals
    All of the platforms we have presented and many more will have bonuses and promotions players can claim. These are great if you want to play with more money and win more.

Cons Of EU Betting Sites

There are 3 issues we can see with most of these platforms. For most players, these are not game-changing issues but you still need to know about each one and you need to keep your mind aware.

  • Mostly Offshore Licensed Operators
    These are offshore based bookmakers so it means that they may have customer support available at night only or other, smaller issues of this kind that can be annoying at some point.
  • No Protection From UKGC
    As stated, countless times, UKGC is not available here and you are not protected by their laws, regulations, or anything similar. Of course, other gambling authorities may be available at the betting platform where you will gamble.
  • Payouts are Mostly In Euro
    As you may know, these are sites where you can claim Euro betting offers place bets in EUR, and get the winnings in this currency as well. At most of them, GBP is not an available option which can be an issue for some players.

Reasons to Choose EU Sportsbooks For British Players

If you want to play at European betting sites you can and you should. The benefits or the advantages here are more than just advanced and appealing. At the same time, these are some of the main perks players have been looking for for a long time so you will want to experience all of that. Here are a few reasons why you will want to consider these sites and why you want to bet on all of them.

  • Excellent Sports Coverage
    When it comes to European sports events to bet on, you can find all kinds of sports period. You can find even some rare sports that are not available at UK sites which is a huge advantage.
  • Many Supported Payment Options
    There are countless payment methods you can use on most platforms here. Some of these are appealing while others can be ideal for specific players and can make gambling more desirable.
  • European-Based Support
    You still get customer support that is based in Europe so most of the time you can get professional help when you need it and when you want to contact them., There is no need to worry about additional details or anything similar that can have a negative impact.
  • Mobile Compatibility
    You can enjoy European betting apps and place bets using a smartphone such as an Android, iPhone, or any other device of the same kind. This makes the whole process more appealing and easier for most of you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Betting in Europe

What sports are available on EU bookmakers?

Most of the time you can place a bet on all sports you can imagine. There are no limitations of any kind. At the same time, we can see that some sites will even have rare sports that are not available in the UK.

Are European betting sites safe for players from the UK?

Yes, these platforms are still 1200% safe and you won’t have any issues placing bets here. All of the sites we have tested use SSL, additional technologies and so much more that will protect you and your data while playing games at the sites.

How to choose the best European sports betting site?

The best thing you can do is to read the guide from above and you will get all the facts and all the answers you need to know about. Here we have revealed all the simple, must-know, and even rare factors and details you should consider. We have also presented to you the sites that we like the most and assume you will adore them as well.

Where to find good EU bookmakers for UK players?

You can find the ones we have tested on the list we will present to you. All of these platforms are fair, and safe and offer a lot of perks and elements that can make any form of online betting so much better. Try them once you and you will see why we liked these so much and why you will adore each one.

What is the best European sportsbook?

The best one is MyStake for us. But, you may have a different conclusion after you are done playing at some of these sites. The one site we have here is loaded with sports, offers great deals, and massive levels of security all players will enjoy and need these days.

Can I deposit GBP for sports betting in Europe?

Most of the time the answer is yes. What this means is that you can deposit GBP if you like at the sites and place bets and play games using this currency. Keep in mind that some sites do not support this option. You can easily check before you start placing bets and enjoying the site.

Are European sports bookies legal in the UK?

Yes, these platforms are 100% legal and you can place as many bets, claim all the bonuses and so much more at any given moment. You will never break the law or any rule when it comes to betting here. Enjoy and don’t worry about this.

What is the most popular sport available on EU bookmakers?

The most popular sport here is football. This is something we can add that applies to the whole world. Football is an extremely popular sport. In the UK cricket is popular as well and also horse racing. These are the most popular sports in the whole country and some other parts of the world.