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eu online casinos for uk players

Looking for an EU based casino site that accepts UK players? In this guide, you will be able to see the best European online casinos that are safe, fair, and offer great perks to UK players. These casinos are available for players from the whole of Europe and they are a bit specific.

There are many EU casinos available in the United Kingdom but, you should play only at reputable and safe ones that offer the best games and the best bonuses. Our team was able to find international online casinos that offer these and many more advantages UK players will appreciate.

Here you can find the most popular EU casino sites:

  • Racoon Vegas Casino
  • Admiral Shark Casino
  • SlotsNBets Casino
  • Lady Linda Casino
  • Mister X Casino

List of European Casino Sites In The UK

Way We Review EU Casinos That Accept UK Players

European casino market is enormous. We have our own rules or better said a system that we have been using to test online casinos in Europe. It consists of 3 main factors and each one has huge importance to the UK gamblers. Only casinos that meet all requirements from the list below are recommended to our readers. Yes, you can use the same system to test another casino of the same or similar type and get valuable information.

  • Follow Sports Trends:
    UK players have been using European betting sites for ages. As such, this is an important factor that we use and probably one of the most important for most of you. Having the ability to bet on sports while playing casino games is an excellent advantage.
  • Owned by Independent Companies:
    These must be standalone casinos therefore they must be owned by independent companies. As such, players do get a lot of perks and options that are not commonly available or not available at all at UK casinos.
  • Available for GamStop Players:
    These are non GamStop UK casino sites hence you can play here despite your self-exclusion scheme. It is still important that a casino is safe and offers fair games to all players. This is also one of the best ways to gamble at safe casinos even if you have self-exclusion active.

Best EU Casino Sites For UK Players

And now we have the main section. Here we will present to you the top 5 casinos that met all the requirements we have and even exceeded them. Now you can see these names, choose the one you like or play at multiple ones and enjoy. All of these casinos share great perks UK players like. Anyway, here are the best EU-based online casinos:

Racoon Vegas Casino

This is the newest EU casino site that doesn’t require any form of ID verification. You can create a new account and play, period. It is that simple. Yes, the casino is an extremely safe and reputable place to test your luck and win while playing great casino games.

The games offered are traditional casino games, live dealer games, and also sports betting. Virtual sports are supported as well. There are excellent promotions and the site does accept payments via credit and debit cards, among other methods. It also accepts cryptocurrencies. All well-known software developers are available here.

Admiral Shark Casino

Admiral Shark is a popular European online casino that offers instant gambling capability. In other words, you don’t have to verify the account, send additional documents or do anything similar. You are free to register and play games instantly.

The casino offers an excellent and modern user interface loaded with games. You can play live dealer games, table games, slots and also enjoy battles or use a prize box. Add the fact bonuses are some of the highest promotions in the online gambling realm and you can see why this casino has been so popular. In addition, there are no many software developers that are not available here.

SlotsNBets Casino

This is an EU casino that accepts UK players, that doesn’t require ID verification, KYC process, or anything similar. It is focused on offering an excellent gambling experience and the mission is to become one of the best casinos of this kind.

Once we know all of this, it isn’t difficult to realize why this site has been extremely appealing to all UK players. Games are excellent and you can play all common variations. There is no need to explain these. Bonuses are stunning. They are high, always available and all UK players can use multiple promotions. The casino is well-known for the safety and fairness it has been offering to gamblers!

Lady Linda Casino

Lady Linda can be the best online casino in Europe and one that will certainly attract your attention. There is no ID document verification. You can play games as soon as you are done with registration and you can collect bonuses as well.

Bonuses are high, always available and they come in high numbers. Games share the same passion. There are casino games, live dealer games, lotto, and also sports betting. You can bet on traditional and virtual sports. Some of the best and the most commonly used payment options are supported here and you can easily choose which one to use.

Mister X Casino

Mister X is a European casino site without ID verification as well. It doesn’t require complicated or enjoying processes to be completed and it is available 24/7/365. Thanks to this, it has been a common choice of many UK players! There are a few things more we would like to reveal about this casino.

The games offered are slots, table games, live dealer games, and many other games. Then we have tournaments which are some of the best. Lotteries are supported as well. Great software developers are featured and you can find all games you would like to play. Yes, you can still get many bonuses and use them to maximize your gambling and win more.

Other EU Casinos

There are a lot more casino sites available in Europe and almost all of them will accept UK players. They all know that the UK market is the largest when it comes to online gambling and most preferable for operators. These casinos share the same path as the ones we have mentioned earlier. They are safe, reputable and offer countless games/bonuses. Make sure you check a few of these as well:

European Online Casinos: General Information

There are many EU casino for UK players and each one of them is different. But, there are some similarities as well. Basically, we can see the same or at least similar pros and cons offered by most of these casinos. Now, we will reveal all of these and this should give you a better idea about what to expect and what you can get.

Pros of EU Casinos

If we take a look at the European based online casinos we can see 4 main advantages. These are very important and UK players have been gambling here due to one or all perks. Anyway, these are the main and most appealing pros that you need to know about.

  • Instant Start:
    These are casino sites that don’t ask for documents and the perk is obvious. You don’t need to send personal documents and wait for days. You can create an account and start playing immediately. There is no need to waste your precious time on some process you don’t like in the first place.
  • Thousands of Slots:
    If you like slots, these casinos are ideal for you. They are online slots not blocked by GamStop so you can gamble and play all games you like, despite your ban is active. Of course, all other casino games are supported as well.
  • Accept Credit Card Payments:
    Gambling at credit card online casinos is great. You can easily deposit funds and withdraw your winnings without any mediums or anything similar. It makes gambling faster and easier but also safer. Credit cards are an extremely safe payment method.
  • Don’t Block UK Players:
    Casinos of this kind offer you the ability to avoid GamStop self-exclusion. You need to create an account and start gambling. GamStop doesn’t cover these casinos and there are no links between the two at all. Other blocking systems may be available.

Cons of European Casino Operators

Perfection is not something in what we believe. That’s why we must reveal some of the cons regarding EU casinos available for UK players and we would like to share these with you right now. There are 3 main downsides.

  • Support Only BTC (sometimes):
    Some of these are Bitcoin casinos only. What this means is that you can use Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals. It is a problem if you want to use fiat currencies. Others do accept all conventional and also cryptocurrencies.
  • No GamCare Support:
    All of these are non GamCare online casinos so you won’t be able to use this platform here. You can use other platforms that are designed for the same kind, but they may be available for just one site.
  • No Casino Restrictions:
    These are no limit casino sites so you can place any bet you like. A downside here is that you can lose more than at a UK casino so you need to be more careful. On the other hand, for some players, this is a clear advantage.

Popular Alternatives to European Casino Sites

There are a few alternatives when it comes to EU online casinos and now you can see all of them. We were able to find the 5 most commonly used options and each one comes with its own set of pros and cons. Of course, all of the alternatives we will reveal below are safe and fair so there is no need to worry about anything while gambling.

  • Non-UK Online Casinos
  • Curacao Online Casinos
  • Malta Casino Sites
  • USA Casino Sites
  • Non-Swedish Online Casinos

European Casino Sites FAQs

🤔 What are European casino sites?

These are online casinos that are available in Europe and they accept players from all European countries. Most if not all of these will also accept UK players which is a nice thing to know. These gambling sites offer many advantages and they are very popular among gamblers who want to get the best experience and who want to enjoy as much as they can.

🤔 What is the best EU online casino?

The best casino will depend on what you are looking for (games, bonuses, or something else). There are many examples we can give to you. But, at this point, we would like to say that the Admiral Shark casino is the best casino. It has all the right ingredients UK players like and need these days.

🤔 Are European online casinos available to UK players?

Yes, many of them will accept all UK players without any additional step or process. All you have to do is to find a site you like, create an account and play games. Soon you will realize that these casinos are easier to use and there are not a lot of restrictions as you were able to see at UK casinos. You will appreciate these perks.

🤔 Is it safe to play on EU casino sites?

European casino market is perfectly safe to gamble here. You will use safe payment methods, play fair games and be able to withdraw your money instantly. These casinos do have licences and their games are tested on a regular basis. Just keep in mind that choosing a reputable casino is mandatory and it can make a massive difference.

🤔 Where to find the best European casinos that accept UK players?

You can check our list, use other reviews or use Google. Using our guide and our recommendations is the safest and simplest method. You can get all the answers within seconds and you will play at reputable casinos that have a million users on a daily basis and nobody had a bad experience.

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