International Online Casinos

international online casinos

Looking for worldwide online casinos that are available for UK players? You are in the right place. The international market is gigantic and in this guide, we are going to present to you the best and the most popular international casino sites that accept all UK players. You can also see what these sites have to offer and why they have been so popular in the first place.

All independent casino operators come with pros that UK gamblers need and want to get. It is crucial that you play only at reputable casinos of this kind. Thanks to our team, you can now see the best foreign casinos accepting UK players that were properly tested and reviewed.

Here you can find the best international online casinos:

  • Lady Linda Casino
  • Prestige Spin Casino
  • Very Well Casino
  • Agent No Wager Casino
  • SlotsNBets Casino

List of International Casino Sites

Way We Review Worldwide Online Casinos

In order to review each site properly and rank these as they should be ranked, we use our simple system. When applied to worldwide casino sites, it helps us determine the rank and all the specifics within seconds. Now you can see that system explained below and you can apply it to other casinos as well. It works perfectly every single time.

  • Many Offshore Companies:
    There are many offshore casino sites that are great and look appealing. But, we are focused on those that offer the best perks and advantages to all UK players. In other words, we will present to you only the best ones that truly deserve your attention. Of course, all of these must be safe and fair.
  • Available For GamStop Players:
    We like casinos that aren’t on GamStop so players can gamble despite their self-exclusion. That’s why this is one of the main factors we use and one of the most beneficial perks for certain UK players.
  • Great Sports Opportunities:
    Many of these casinos are also international betting sites which is a nice thing to have. Gamblers who like to bet on sports can do this at one of these sites and therefore don’t have to use another site. It is an excellent advantage.
  • Have Top Game Providers:
    UK players want to play great non GamStop slots, table games, and more. All of these are developed by software developers. Hence, an online casino must have a massive and long list of brands that offer their games at the casino itself. More is merrier in this case scenario.

Top List of Foreign Casinos

In this section, we are going to look into 5 casinos that have to pass our test and were able to provide a sensational gambling experience to our team. As you can see, each one comes with different options and features. You can check out all of these and play at each one or you can pick the one you like the most and also the one that meets your gambling requirements. Anyway, here are the best overseas casinos:

Lady Linda Casino

Lady Linda is an international casino site that has been very popular, especially among UK players for a long period of time. It is a fair, safe, and reputable place where you can test the games and enjoy them without any issues.

Players will appreciate the games offered which come in large numbers and all major variations and types are supported. Then we have bonuses that are above average and considered as some of the highest in the realm of gambling. Overall, the casino is popular and appreciated due to a reason and one of those sites we would really like to recommend.

Prestige Spin Casino

Despite the name, this casino offers all casino games. It is a worldwide online casino that accepts players from all over the globe. It is a popular, commonly visited casino and one that many UK players have been using on a regular basis for quite some time. It is one of the best casinos in this case scenario.

The software developers present here are all well-known, popular and offer some of the most popular games for gamblers. Then we can see bonuses which are remarkable and considered as some of the highest, period. The user interface is easy to use and players can compete in tournaments or play lotteries as well.

Very Well Casino

Very Well casino has been an international online casino operator that most gamblers rank as number one. Here you can see and play countless games that are developed by great software developers. The site is available for players from the entire planet but most of them are actually UK gamblers.

Bonuses are given to all players and you can use plenty of offers as soon as you create an account. There is a separate mini-game section if you want to try something different. There is no need in adding that the casino is a 100% safe and reputable place that can exceed the expectations of many gamblers.

Agent No Wager Casino

Agent No Wager is the top casino in the world and the one that comes with stunning perks. It accepts players from the entire world and offers great perks, some of which are stunning and come with a great effect on the overall gambling experience.

You can play casino games (table games, live dealer games, slots, and more) and also bet on sports. In addition, tournaments and lotteries are available as well. For most games, you can use bonuses and they are stunning. Some of the best offers have been linked to this casino and have been used by many gamblers.

SlotsNBets Casino

This is a foreign casino that has been commonly visited and used by UK gamblers. It is an international site that offers games to the whole planet. You can create a new account within seconds and start playing. There are a few main things we would like to say about this online casino.

Despite the name, you can still play all the casino games you like. Slots, table games, and live dealer games are available on SlotsNBets. Then we can see sports betting which includes virtuals as well. Last but not least you can play the lotto. In addition, all popular software developers are supported. Bonuses are very high and considered as some of the best among UK players.

Other Popular Casino Sites In The World

There are a lot more international casino sites that are still reputable, safe, and offer great perks. If you would like to test some of them and play games for real money, here are additional recommendations. There is no need in adding that we have been testing these sites as well and each one of them is a safe and reputable place where you can try out your luck:

International Online Casinos: General Information

By now you should know that the list of worldwide casinos operating in the United Kingdom is massive and there are a lot of examples. But, you still need to know the best and not so good thing about these casinos. We refer to these as pros and cons and you can do the same. In general, these are the main advantages and downsides you will encounter.

Pros of International Casinos

Almost all international casinos typically come with 3 main advantages. These will be explained below. Obviously, you cannot see all of these to any casino but you can expect them at most gambling sites of this type.

  • Don’t Block Payments:
    These are known as casino sites with credit cards due to the fact you can deposit funds and withdraw the winnings using this particular payment method. It has been the best and the most commonly used for a long period of time and one that is still the most suitable for some UK players.
  • Don’t Have KYC Check:
    Almost all of these are casino sites that don’t require verification so you can see the appeal here. This means that the user can create a new account and play games instantly. There is no need to send personal documents, wait for the support to approve them and etc.
  • Own Self-Restriction Scheme:
    Now you know that removing GamStop ban is possible. You will simply gamble at one of these sites. But, these casinos still have a self-exclusion scheme. You will need to contact customer support and they can limit your account. It is simple and it does work.

Cons of Foreign Casino Sites

Almost all of these casinos available in the world can be paired with a few downsides. In general, we can see 3 issues with most of them and now we would like to reveal each of these cons.

  • No Local Support:
    You must remember that these are casinos without UK licence so the support may be unavailable at certain hours or it may be harder to contact. This isn’t a very common issue but it can be seen at some of the casinos.
  • Don’t Have Exclusion Program:
    These casinos allow you to get around GamStop and gamble once again. But, this also means that there is no official self-exclusion program that will be available to you at any given moment. You usually must contact support and get your account limited by yourself.
  • Curacao eGaming Only:
    You can see that these are Curacao casino sites meaning they have a licence from this gambling authority only. Other gambling authorities are extremely rare in this case and they are usually unavailable.

Popular Alternatives to Overseas Casinos

There are a lot of international casino companies we would like to test and reveal. But, we are going to categorize them and reveal the main types. In a nutshell, these include 5 main options you can choose from. Each one of these covers safe and reputable sites and many of them are on our list. As you may know already, these are some of the best gambling providers in the world.

  • USA Online Casinos
  • Malta Casino Sites
  • Curacao Casino Sites
  • Non-Swedish Online Casinos
  • EU Online Casinos

International Casino Sites FAQs

🤔 What are international online casinos?

These are online casinos that are available for the entire globe. See, many casinos are developed for gamblers from a specific country or a few countries International ones are developed for the entire world, and players from all countries can play them. It is a clear advantage and it makes a casino better known, across the globe of course.

🤔 What is the best international casino?

There are many casinos we would like to recommend. But, for this purpose, we will choose Lady Linda casino. In a nutshell, the best casino depends on the games offered, promotions it will provide and so much more. It is actually very complicated to find the best casino and usually, it depends on individual preference.

🤔 Can UK players play on international casino sites?

Yes, you can play all the games at these casinos. These are safe and fair websites that allow you to load any game you like and to enjoy it for real money. It is important to add that these casinos do not have additional processes or steps you need to worry about. They work like any other, UK casino which means that playing games is as easy as it gets.

🤔 Is it safe to play on worldwide casino sites?

Yes, it is extremely safe to play at these casinos. They still have a licence, they offer fair games and they use safety technologies. All of these are available at reputable casinos so we would recommend using them as the first option. All the casinos we have mentioned above are precisely that, reputable gambling sites.

🤔 Where to find the best international online casinos?

You can use Google, read reviews or use our website. Of all options here we would recommend the latter because we test each site for a few days before reviewing it and recommending it here. Many sites are not even recommended due to some issues so you get only the safest and the best options.

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